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# - a comment


# [ anything ]


A comment is a bit of text explanation. Since it is an entity like any other (except that it has no effect), there must be at least one space between the keyword (which is a pound sign) and the "arguments," and the end of line may be escaped as usual with the backslash character ('\').

A comment may actually be used to hold auxiliary information such as view parameters, which may be interpreted by some destination program. Care should be taken under such circumstances that the user does not inadvertently mung or mimic this information in other comments, and it is therefore advisable to use an additional set of identifying characters to distinguish such data.


# The following include file is in inches, so convert to meters
i -s .0254
# Stuff we don't want to see at the moment:
# i person.mgf -t 3 2 0
# ies hlrs3gna.ies -rz 90 -t 1.524 1.8288 2.74 \
                -a 6 -t 1.8288 0 0 -a 2 -t 0 3.048 0