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cmix - mix two or more named colors to make the current color


cmix w1 c1 w2 c2 ...


The cmix entity sums together two or more named colors using specified weighting coefficients, which correspond to the relative photometric brightness of each. As in all color specifications, the result is normalized so the absolute scale of the weights does not matter, only their relative values.

If any of the colors is a spectral quantity (i.e. from a cspec or cct entity), then all the colors are first converted to spectral quantities. This is done with an approximation for CIE (x,y) chromaticities, which may be problematic depending on their values. In general, it is safest to add together colors that are either all spectral quantities or all CIE quantities.


# Define RGB primaries for a standard color monitor
c R =
	cxy 0.640 0.330
c G =
	cxy 0.290 0.600
c B =
	cxy 0.150 0.060
# Mix them together in appropriate amounts for white
c white =
	cmix 0.265 R 0.670 G 0.065 B


c, cct, cspec, cxy