Visualising Pausiris @ MONA

Author(s): Peter Morse, Paul Bourke (iVEC@UWA)
Description: Volume visualisation (Drishti) of a high resolution CT scan of the Pausiris mummy (Egypt, Ptolemaic to Roman Period, 100 BCE - CE 100; Human remains encased in stucco plaster with glass eyes, incised and painted decoration).
At what point does the body cease being a 'she'/'he' and become an 'it'? This question asks its corollary: how can 'it' be interrogated and resuscitated and 'enlivened'? For Pausiris, it's a question about deixis set up as a denkmal: who was this person? what was his aliveness like? A person like you and I, who lived and breathed in another time and who believed different things; he understood the world in ways we no longer do.