Gallery of Images Created by Myself
"that don't belong anywhere else"

Created by Paul Bourke

Molecular visualisation example

This image is a random selection of molecules from an equilibrated system of 256 10-site freely jointed chain molecules. The data comes from a nonequilibrium molecular dynamics simulation developed by Matthew Matin, Tom Hunt, Dr Billy Todd and Dr Peter Daivis in a joint project between the Centre for Molecular Simulation at Swinburne and the Department of Applied Physics at RMIT. The aim of this work is to gain a better understanding of the flow properties of polymer melts.

Attractor rendering
Single frame from an animation of electrical activity on the surface of a model of the cortex.
Normalised Conditional Probablity surface for spiking in neural simulations. Customised GL application.
Frames from "boiling porridge", self organising activity from the cortical column field simulation.
Poster. A collage of a virtual cortex, microscopic and macroscopic simulation data, and the simulation schematic diagram.
Fibre bundle routes within a spherical model of the cortex.
Inside a spherical cortical wiring model looking "up" at the surface fibre bundles. Rendering in Radiance.
Normalised Conditional Probablity surface for spiking in neural simulations.
Fibre bundles from nodes on the surface of a model of the human cortex.
Animation of a neural simulation on an 80x80 grid. Simulation using Genesis, animation using Geomview and custom grawn animation software.
The simulation of a patch of cortex using the cortical column field simulation software generally assume toroidal bounds. Here the animation of the simulation results is actually wrapped onto a torus.
Height fields from orientation preference data from the visual cortex. Height maps to circular angles.
One frame from an animation of a bar moving across a hexagonal matrix of cortical columns.
Single frame from a VRML model of a dodecahedron with projected maps from EEG recordings. Idea "copied" from the cover of NeuroImage 8 and based on a paper and data by Per Line.
Gaussian distribution of coupling strengths from a single cell in the cortical column field model. Custom X windows software.
Illustration of long range connections between two sides of a spherical brain model. Rendered with Radiance.
Realtime animation of a stereographic projection of EEG potentials onto a plane. Potential mapped onto height and colour map.
Real time animation and projection of EEG potentials onto a hemisphere and stereographic projection onto a plane. Interface based upon Geomview and the Forms library.
Illustration of cortical fibre bundles from a slice of a spherical connectivity model. Rendered with Radiance.