Chart Recorder

Written by Paul Bourke
January 1998

This note briefly describes a simple utility written for SGI workstations that graphically displays multichannel data series.

The archive, chartrecorder.tar.gz contains the source code, a compiled binary, and a simple test program. If you extract the chartrecorder directory, compile test.c, you can then test the utility by simply typing

test | chartrecorder

The test program creates 3 sinusoids of various amplitudes and frequencies, the result should look as follows

The utility reads a series of numbers from stdin, the user chooses the number of channels, the data is assumed to be arranged as channel1, channel2, channel3, ...channelN. This would be followed by N numbers representing the next terms of the series and so on.

If you wish to modify and recompile the code you will need to get the "forms" library.