3D IFS Bush (weed)

Written by Paul Bourke
May 2003

Original model from the authors of "IFS Builder 3d".

This bush is created by iteratively choosing one of the following functions at random to form a series pn. Each point in the series is represented as a small sphere, the final collection is rendered using PovRay. In order minimise the number of spheres to be rendered (IFS tend to require a very large number of points) the spheres are filtered such that no two spheres lie within 10% of their respective radii.

  • scale by (0.1,0.2,0.1)

  • translate by (0,-1,0)
    scale by (0.9,0.8,0.9)
    rotate about the y axis by 144 degrees
    translate by (0,1,0)

  • rotate about the z axis by 60 degrees
    scale by 0.3
    translate by (0,0.2,0)