Exhibitions, Posters

Beacon Virtua.
Virtual reality video contribution to IEEE VR 2018: the 25th IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces March 18-22, 2018, Reutlingen, Germany

Virtual Immersion. Simulating Immersive Experiences in VR.
Virtual reality video contribution to IEEE VR 2018: the 25th IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces March 18-22, 2018, Reutlingen, Germany

Contributions to Mandurah Performing Arts Centre dome exhibition.
Mandurah, 12 Oct 2017

Contributions to Batavia: Giving Voice to the Voiceless
Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, The University of Western Australia, 7 October - 9 December 2017

Contributions to Songlines Exhibition
National Museum of Australia, Canberra. September 2017

Photography based 3D reconstruction for archaeology and heritage recordings.
eResearch Australasia. Oct 2015.

Autostereoscopic lenticular prints for data visualisation
OzViz 2014

p a n o r a m a
Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, The University of Western Australia. 3 May - 12 July 2014

Ngintaka exhibition
The South Australia Museum, 2014

Development of Digital Techniques for Open Pit Mapping, Coolgardie, Western Australia
SEG 2014: Building Exploration Capability for the 21st Century. Colorado, USA. September 2014
Hasnain Ali Bangash, Steven Micklethwaite, Paul Bourke, Peter Kovesi

iDome exhibition in Doha
Innovation showcase at the 2013 WISH (World Innovation Summit for Health) forum.

iDome exhibition
The "Expanding sphere of innovation @ CityU". Hong Kong 2013

Two posters at OzViz 2013
Melbourne, December 2013

Capture of Omni-Directional Stereoscopic Panoramic Images
Siggraph Asia. Hong Kong 2013
Paul Bourke, Volker Kuchelmeister

"Crystal ball" photography
University of Western Australia campus and the Victoria Park photographic competition. 2012

Visualisation image exhibition. 2012

Automatic reconstruction of 3D geometry from photographs
eResearch Australasia Conference 2012, Sydney, October 2012

Exhibition by: City University of Hong Kong (CityU) Applied Laboratory for Interactive Visualization and Embodiment (ALiVE). 2012

OzViz 2011
Visualisation image exhibition

Images from movies contributed to the CSIRO "simulations fest" (2011)

Pausiris mummy exhibition
MONA (Museum of New and Old Art) Hobart. 2011

eResearch Australasia Visualisation Challenge. 2009

Wollongong Science Centre iDome Exhibit
Interactive installation at the Wollongong Science Centre largely using 360 degree footage from the LadyBug-3 camera. 2009

Visualisation showreel coinciding with the OzViz forum hosting at Monash University. 2009

EON: Eye of Nagaur
Visualising the inner life of Ahhichatragarh Fort at Nagaur, Rajasthan. 2009
Conceived by Sarah Kenderdine and Jeffrey Shaw, application by Paul Bourke

Augmented stereographic panoramas of the Vijayanagara, India. 2008

Visualisation image exhibition. 2008
Contributors: Leslie Almberg, David Barnes, Drew Berry, Paul Bourke, Ajay Limaye, Peter Morse, Toby Potter, Elizabeth Stark, Lister Staveley-Smith, Kate Trinajstic, James Wright

Poster at OzViz2008

Exploiting our sense of touch for scientific visualisation
Poster for iVEC eResearch Forum, February 2008

ASKAP exhibition by SPICE
Panoramic and interactive digital exhibits. 2008

Visualisation image exhibition. 2007
Conveners: Paul Bourke, Drew Whitehouse

Stereoscopic installation TMAG
Stereoscopic installation and image processing for the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery Islands to Ice, the Great Southern Ocean & Antarctica. Opened 8 March 2006
Peter Morse, Paul Bourke

Deep Space: between body and cosmos
Zendai Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, 23 July - 31 August 2006
Hellen Sky, Paul Bourke

Supercomputer simulation of Nano-Molecular Motors
Stereoscopic presentation. 2005 Alexe Bojovschi, Paul Bourke, Ming Liu, Richard Sadus, Music: Tu Cam Le

Stereoscopic showreel at the Graphite 2004 Electronic Theatre International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Australasia and Southeast Asia. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 15-18 June 2004
Paul Bourke, Drew Whitehouse, Warik Lawrence, Peter Morse, Sarah Kenderdine

Visualisation show reel for the AUC anniversary. 2004

Virtual ROOM
Design and installation of VROOM at Melbourne Museum. Was called "Virtual Containment Vessel". November 2003

To Mars and Beyond
Stereoscopic theatre and movie installed as part of a space exploration exhibit at the Australia National Museum in 2001 followed by Melbourne Museum in 2003

Passive stereo projection
Discussion of passive stereoscopic projection while installing theatre at the Parkes Radio Telescope. 2000

Animations produced from the visible human database
Installed in 1999 for the human body exhibit at the Melbourne Museum. 1999

Exhibition automation capabilities built into MacOSX

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