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4K Projectors - Fulldome - Fisheye lenses

Compiled by Paul Bourke
March 2011

4K Projectors

Projector Resolution Brightness (ansi lumens) Contrast Images
Sony SRXT105 4096x2160 5500 2500:1
Sony SRXT110 4096x2160 11000 2500:1
Sony SRXT420 4096x2160 21000 2500:1
JVC DLA-SH4KNLG 4096x2400 3500 10000:1
JVC DLA-RS4000U 4096x2400 3500 10000:1
JVC DLA-SH7NLG 4096x2400 5000 10000:1
Christie CP4220 4096x2160 22000 2100:1
Christie CP4230 4096x2160 32000 2100:1
Barco LX-5 4096x2160 4500 10000:1
Barco DP4K-32B 4096x2160 33000 2000:1

Fulldome suppliers with fisheye solutions

Supplier Comments Images
GOTO Planetarium solution based upon Digistar from Evans and Sutherland.
Stereoscopic 3D supported. Lenses seem to be available with a preference for JVC projectors, but also supply for Sony and Projection Design.
Product summary
Elumenati Solutions mostly for the Projection Design f30 range, but also Canon and Christie projectors.
Support both full circle and truncated configurations.
Suspect the lens is manufactured by Navitar.
Global Immersion
Evans and Sutherland Solution based upon the Sony and JVC 4K projectors.
Stereoscopic 3D supported (Active and Infitec).
Konica Minolta Based upon JVC projectors.
Relationship with Mitaka astronomy software.
SkySkan Based upon Sony 4K projectors.
They have their own lens design, not sure who the actual lens manufacturer is.
Stereoscopic 3D supported (Infitec)
Does not appear the lens is available independently of the rest of their gear.
Digitalis Based upon Projection Design projectors.
Don't know who supplies the lens.

Manufacturers of fisheye lens for projectors

Supplier Comments
Navitar Product called HemiStar.
Can produce to essentially any chip size and projector resolution.
Konica Minolta
Lhoumeau Sky System (LSS) How to make it yourself from camera fisheye lens.