Image Gamma (imgGmm)

key: imgGmm

type: f

  1. float: image gamma value


Used to specify that an image has already been gamma corrected for the specified gamma value.  This allows a reader to adapt the image appropriately depending on how it is to be used.  In most cases, the image should be un-gamma-corrected back to a linear space before processing and then be re-gamma corrected afterwords for display.  For example, textures which are used to store reflectance values should be un-gamma-corrected before rendering and then the rendered image should be re-gamma-corrected with a gamma appropriate for the particular display being used.


imgFl "textures/bar.jpg" ""   %image file stored in bar.jpg the textures subdirectory
imgGmm 2.2 end %image has already been corrected for a gamma of 2.2