Image File (imgFl)

key: imgFl

type: SS(C)*

  1. string : file name
  2. string : file type
  3. chunk(s):  optional modifer chunks


An image defined in a file.  The file type is used as a hint as to the format that the image is stored in but may be ignored by the implmentation and may be left blank (ie "").  Modifier chunks, if present, provide additional information about the image.  For example, if the image has already been gamma corrected, this can be specified by using an Image Gamma (imgGmm) chunk so that the application can handle the image appropriately.  It is strongly encouraged that image files should be stored in the same directory as the referring mdl file (or in a subdirectory thereof is also okay).


imgFl "foo.ppm" "ppm" end  % a ppm file is stored in "foo.ppm"

imgFl "textures/bar.jpg" "" %image file stored in bar.jpg the textures subdirectory
imgGmm 2.2 end %image has already been corrected for a gamma of 2.2