File History

key: flHstry

type: (s)*

  1. (s)*: file history descriptions


This chunk gives a history of the creation and filtering of a file. Each program that creates or modifies a file should leave a short description of what actions it took in the file history chunk. By convention this should consist of a string giving the complete command line for the program followed by optionaladditional comments in additional strings. A file should contain only one file history chunk and each filter should append its description after all the existing strings in the chunk. The file history chunk should be at the top level and preferably at the end of the file.


    "makeboxes -a 12 boxes.mdla"
    "triangulate boxes.mdla tris.mdla"
    "trianglestrip tris.mdla tris.str.mdla"
    "created 98 triangle strips with average length of 7"