HyperFun: Objects

A geometric object is supposed to have semantically significant geometric sense. The general form of the object's structure is:

<objectName> '(' 'x' '[' <size> ']' ',' 'a' '[' <size> ']' ')'


[<array declarations>]


<objectName> '=' <functional expression> ';'


Note that there should be declarations of arrays of coordinate variables and numerical parameters in the head of the object's definition. Even if there are no parameters from outside, the declaration 'a[1]' must be present.

The simplest example of an object in HyperFun:

Sphere([x[3], a[1])


-- the definition of the sphere with radius 10 and a center in the origin

Sphere = 100 - x[1]^2 - x[2]^2 - x[3]^2;